6 drawbacks for ‘Photographers’ who have friends

1. Bhai! Camera le aanab’day/party/etc. hai aaj mera


You are asked to bring your camera just to click 3-4 pictures.. You end up covering the whole event like a professional paid chap while others enjoy!


2. BhaiEk aachi si DP click kr de.!



A sweeter way of asking for a free portfolio, which does not consist of clicking pictures in one or two poses…. But, an elongated version of a normal shoot that carries on for the whole day.
PS: you need to help them with clothes, make-up, hair, accessories, burn your petrol, carry your equipments, POSES, etc.


3. Yar ye photos edit kr de!


These friends will hire other professionals during weddings, parties, etc. And if the pictures aren’t as they wanted… they will ask you to edit them.


4. Mere bhai ki shaadi haikitte lega?


And if, by mistake, they hire you for a wedding/party/etc…. Arre yar!! kaam hi kitna hai… 1000-2000 le lena yar!! Which is the tip of waiters/helpers/band-baja people during marriages!

PS: photography doesn’t include just clicking picturesit  includes.. lighting, buying/renting and carrying heavy equipments, creativity, editing, hiring assistants, etc.


5. Bhai mai nayi gaadi laya hu… photos click kr de kuch!


Every time they buy something new… like.. a vehicle, kuttabilli, hookah, etc…. they will ask you to click pictures of it.


6. You’re just a friend in need… and a formal friend indeed.!


After all that you do… free portfolio, free photography for b’day.. parties, etc…. free editiing , etc… you‘re just considered an okayish friend… caus while they have fun with others(close friends)…. you were kept busy taking pictures of them!